An even more important message…

Can anyone suggest a really nice hotel or similar, preferably by the sea (or a big lake) and within two hours max train-ride from London for a week-end (8-10 May) honeymoon? Neither of like over-the-top luxury or pretentiousness, but somewhere comfortable, quirky, welcoming, reasonably quiet, with good facilities and access to good (beach) walks and a variety restaurants would suit us very well. Could be in town or country (but not too far from a station) We’ve had some excellent suggestions so far, but want to cast the net wider…

Insurance and medical concerns limit us to staying in the UK, especially with the op coming up on the 12th, otherwise we’d head abroad.

If anyone has any tips, please let me know. Probably email’s best…

One thought on “An even more important message…”

  1. Last year, J and I spent a wonderful weekend break of two nights at the Belle Tout lighthouse, which is a short taxi ride from Eastbourne station. It’s situated right on the cliff—fantastic views from all over the lighthouse (including a bar up in the top of the lighthouse itself) but the room we had—called the Captain’s Room—has an especially amazing view onto Beachy Head and its lighthouse down by the bottom of its cliff. It’s a B&B, so no lunch, but you can walk along the cliff to Eastbourne or the Birling Gap for lunch and, in the evenings, you walk through fields to the local village East Deane for dinner. You can then catch a taxi from there back to the lighthouse. Maddy would love it… xx


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