A further update

Dear family and friends,

Just to keep you in the loop with what’s happening with the trajectory of my illness. I had ten days in the hospice in Clapham Common and was released on 20th October. The spell in the hospice seems to have gone a long way to sorting out the scar tissue pain issues, thanks to the really careful observations made by the doctors and nurses while I was staying there. However, towards the end of the stay in the hospice it became apparent that I had some minor mobility issues relating particularly to my right leg. As a result of tests I was asked to go for an MRI scan on my spine last Tuesday.  This showed that a tumour was beginning to develop on the spine, which is probably affecting the nerves that control the right leg, hence the weakness of the limb. I found this quite difficult to take in, as my understanding of the development means that the Sutent  – the main anti-cancer drug I’ve been on for the last few months – has not really worked. It was immediately decided that I would be put on a programme of radiotherapy, which will begin on Monday. This will happen every day next week at Charing Cross hospital. Somewhat to my alarm, these plans were followed up by a call yesterday informing me that I have to report for a further MRI scan on my brain next Friday.

Clearly, these are unwelcome developments since they seem to imply that the first strategy to deal with the cancer has failed. We are now in the second phase of trying to deal with it. However, my morale remains good, sustained as I am by my very dear and loving family and friends. So please do not be too concerned or downcast for the time being, I aim to battle this out and prove the exception. Although I may not have the energy to respond to all the messages I receive from you all, I do love to hear your news, and your messages of support mean a lot to me and give me a real boost.

Lots of love,

xx Bart

5 thoughts on “A further update”

  1. Hi Bart, Rather upset to hear of latest developments; hope everything goes better soon. Here everything ok. Engaging in simple pleasures like re-learning Thai for the fourth time in preparation for our annual Thai visit, watching Scandi noir series etc. I went down to help my sister with her hovel (aka country cottage) and have now acquired a vicious looking chain saw to cut her logs. Looking forward to trying it out, then I’ll be equipped to deal with intruders as well. Sarah sends her love; she is on good form as she has had a good morale boost. She is now in the exalted position of ADOS (assistant director of studies), and she likes the school. Long may it last! Thinking of you! P

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  2. Dear Bart, Thank you for keeping us all up to date. I’ve read your blog from the start – it’s wonderful, uplifting stuff and I applaud the way you’re handling such a difficult time. Sally was with us yesterday and told us that your little son is likely to be born very soon. How fabulous!

    I know Sally has been an absolute brick. She really is the most kind, supportive friend and you & your family are terribly important to her.

    This is just to let you know Chris & I are thinking of you, Maddy and Anna. With love, Helen & Chris


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