Bye-bye for now

Dear family, friends and ‘followers,’

I have to leave you for a bit (wedding and honeymoon fast approach). I’m gutted that the internet blew up just as I was posting ‘A Note on Politics’ for Election Day, Just as I deviate occasionally from the alkali diet, so I thought, I can surely break my politics fast on such an important day? But perhaps it was another sign to steer completely clear for the time being…

I have a rough draft of a post for yesterday but it’s been a long day already and I have lots to do to get readier than I am for the big event tomorrow. Can’t remember when I last felt these kinds of nerves…

So I will probably be leaving you until Monday at the earliest – unless I can find an hour or two to update you on yesterday and today later this evening. Essentially, I’ve continued these last two days in the calm and optimistic mood you left me in on Tuesday night. But I’m getting more and more excited as tomorrow morning approaches. I remember finding a cache of letters my father wrote my mother the day before they married (what happened to it?) In those times (the late 1940s), there were four postal deliveries daily and he made sure to avail himself of every one, even though he was so busy getting ready. In the last one he sent, on the eve of the wedding, he wrote (I can remember it verbatim): ‘Darling, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms tomorrow.’ You’ve said it for me, dad and I wish that you and mum and all the family could be here with Anna, Maddy and me to celebrate our special day.

Lots of love to you all, dear readers, and I’ll try to post pictures of the wedding and Bournemouth on Monday


ps several people have been demanding to see ‘the wedding haircut.’ Caroline diplomatically suggested I use this one, considering how sh++ I looked and felt the day she came round to photograph me 🙂

Wedding Haircut
Enzo’s efforts

3 thoughts on “Bye-bye for now”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful wedding, a heavenly honeymoon and a sensationally successful surgery!!! xxxxxxxoooooooo


  2. Stunning haircut!Oh happy day. Take the time to enjoy these special days – don’t you dare blog!
    Amanda x


  3. Dear Bart,

    The last two posts were full of pain, honesty and love (and humour). Don’t shy away from expressing any of them. I’m in the grip of religious skepticism myself (see “Lincoln and Darwin…”), so I would not have religion to console me, and would not anthropomorphise suffering by laying it at the door of some deity. But if you do wish to blame God for injustice, whether universal or personal, then also thank him for providing you with someone like Anna. I’ve never met her, but her responses to your concerns seem incredibly wise and valid. Maddy can’t possibly understand what you’re fighting, but if she could she would not wish you to be distracted by worrying about her future, an unknowable quantity. Take it a week at a time.

    Sorry: I thought I had something worth conveying and find I haven’t.

    Best wishes for the wedding and enjoy Bournemouth.



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