A further update on Bart

Dear all,

Thanks again for all the messages. I know many of you are keen to visit Bart. I think it’s unlikely that he’s going to want any visitors while he is in hospital, assuming he is back home this weekend or shortly after, as hoped. Currently every day seems to be bringing new challenges – so the epidural came out today and this has led to yet more pain. While the new ward Bart has been moved to is quite strict about moving around as much as possible, currently he often just wants to sleep. But he has managed to get into a chair a couple of times today, and I am sure a jog round Clapham Common isn’t so far away…

I will let you know when Bart is ready for visitors. In the meantime, thank you for making him feel so well supported by all his friends.

Anna x

6 thoughts on “A further update on Bart”

  1. Thank you Anna for the updates, thoughts are with you all as you comfort and support Bart at this difficult time…..sending white healing light and love to Bart, hugs for you and Maddy. It’s upward and onward from here. Kathy x


  2. Thanks again for the update, Anna! I wish I could be one of the visitors over these next few weeks, but it’s a bit difficult from California. Meanwhile, your reports are really appreciated.


  3. Hi Anna
    We have never met but I thought you should have a boost too for all your unstinting and loving support which I know cannot be easy at times but invaluable to Bart. Really fantastic to hear Bart’s news. Huge thank you .
    Know Bart that you will have a handwritten card to say we are rooting for you. The “we” might keep you guessing!


  4. The updates are deeply appreciated, and the exercising of Bart’s typewriting fingers along with his jogging legs is eagerly anticipated. Love to all from Vardens Road. Ben


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