Update on Bart

Dear family and friends,

Bart has asked me to update you all on his progress. He apologises for his radio silence over the last few weeks. As you may know, he has been suffering increasingly severe post-surgical pain from the end of July. This pain has baffled the oncologists – although scans suggest this is unrelated to the cancer, which means it is most likely scar tissue pain. We have now, thankfully, been referred to Trinity Hospice who are pain specialists. After several attempts to get the pain management right, he has now been admitted (today) to the hospice, where he will be kept under observation with a view to working out exactly what he needs in terms of pain management. We are hoping that this will be resolved within about a week when Bart should be coming out. In the meantime, this place is very comfortable and surprisingly unlike a hospital (he even has a balcony with a great view over the beautiful gardens here).

If anybody would like to visit Bart, please do let me know, and hopefully Bart will be up to it: annahartnell@hotmail.com

Bart sends you his love and hopes to be in touch once this problem is sorted.

Anna xx

One thought on “Update on Bart”

  1. Anna Thanks for letting us know. I had heard that he was about to be admitted, I’m so glad it’s happened quickly. I’m sure the relief from some of the chronic pain will be enormous.

    Please give Bart a hug from me, and tell him he is in my thoughts. I hope you are managing ok Anna, obviously being heavily pregnant brings its own challenges, I suppose you are having to be very brave.

    I’m not around this week or next weekend but from the 19 th I’m back. If I can do anything please please let me know, happy to do anything. Hopefully I’ll get to see Bart then too. I’ll be in touch, love Ursula

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