A few people have asked me if any obituaries of Bart have been written yet, so I thought I’d post some links here in case anyone is still following this blog.

I understand that various pieces are in process for academic journals – I’ll post them here when they appear.

Thanks again for the lovely messages about Bart that so many of you have sent me, I hope to reply to them all soon!


4 thoughts on “Obituaries”

  1. Hello Anna,
    Our thoughts are with you always.
    We did not know you, but the Moore Gilbert family and ours were very close in Tanzania.
    After Bill died in the plane crash, our families drifted apart.
    I read the blog, it is inspiring and very sad.
    I am so sorry.


  2. Dear Anna,
    I don’t know you but was a student of Bart’s many years ago. When I left Goldsmiths I never went back and didn’t keep in touch with old lecturers except for one, from whom I’ve just heard the sad and shocking news. Please excuse a belated on-line message, but I don’t have an address but wanted to say how sorry I was.
    Bart ran (for a short while) a creative writing group for Goldsmiths students and I remember the striking images in the writing he shared with the group and his encouragement of my writing; I just wanted to let you know I am still grateful to him for that.
    With best wishes,


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