Update on Bart

Dear all,

Thanks for the many kind messages about the arrival of Luke and also those asking after Bart. I wanted to let you know that Bart is currently back at Trinity Hospice, as towards the end of last week his pain was once again out of control. He now has an infection and is very unwell. I’m afraid he’s not currently well enough for visitors, or really able to respond to calls or messages. And between looking after Maddy and Luke, and spending as much time with Bart at the hospice as possible, I am not able to respond to all the messages either.

But thanks again for the good wishes and I’ll keep you posted as to how Bart is. Fingers firmly crossed that he will be back home soon.

Anna xx


4 thoughts on “Update on Bart”

  1. Anna, much love to all of you in this difficult time. I was at Durham with Bart, one of the Americans, and it was like at first sight and friendship forever. My heart is with each of you, and I am holding you all in the light.


  2. only discovered this blog today and want to send you Bart all good wishes and a big hug from Ruvik and me. Mazal tov for the birth of Luke, and warm regards to Anna and Maddy.


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