Dear all,

I wanted to let you know that Bart died peacefully yesterday at Trinity Hospice, surrounded by people who love him – including his brother Ames, who arrived on Friday from California. Seeing Ames again was one of the things Bart most wanted to do before he died, so I will be eternally grateful that Ames got on a plane as soon as he realized how ill Bart was.
Bart also hung on to see the birth of his son, who I have taken the liberty of naming Luke Bartholomew John Moore-Gilbert. Monday 23 November, the day of Luke’s birth, was Bart’s last good day, and he was also able to be with us in the hospital for most of Tuesday. His decline was pretty rapid after that. The care Bart received at Trinity was amazing and I know that the love and support that Bart received from his wide network of friends has been a huge comfort to him in his last months. Thank you to you all.

The funeral will be on 15 December, details to follow soon. Bart was very keen that this event be a celebration, and I hope you can join me, Maddy and Luke in celebrating the truly wonderful person that Bart was.

Lots of love,
Anna xx

12 thoughts on “Bart”

  1. So sorry, Anna. If there’s anything at all Mary and/or I can do, please let us know. I am clinging to those images of all of you in the hospital at Luke’s birth. And a phone call from Bart a few days before.

    All our love, Dennis


  2. Dear Anna,
    I am absolutely heartbroken and send my love and profound condolences to you and the family.
    You have been so amazing and it is a comfort to know that Bart had you by his side and in his life. And of course, Maddie and Luke gave him unspeakable joy.
    Ordinarily, I would send a written note and not an online message, but I am unsure of your postal address and wanted to avoid delay.
    Please know that I will be with you in mind and spirit on Dec. 15 and beyond.
    Much love,


  3. Dear Anna, I was so sorry to read your post today. We will all miss Bart and remember him. One particularly fond memory is when Bart played football on Clapham common with my kids and Tev and Simone’s after a big pub lunch. He was brilliant with them all! So sorry that we won’t be able to come to the funeral and celebrate with you. Take care and hope to see you, Maddie and little Luke when we’re back in the UK. Lots of love to all, Eve


  4. So sorry about bart. It was so sudden after your last blog. He was an excellent fellow and will be sorely missed. See you at the funeral. Peter (friend from Oxford)


  5. Chère Anna
    nous venons d apprendre cette terrible nouvelle en faisant un tour sur le blog.
    Nous sommes de tout coeur avec toi Maddy et Luke dont nous venons d apprendre la naissance.
    Loves from Marlene Remy Iban


  6. Bart was probably the most brilliant person I ever met. His wit, his zest for life and his capacity for creative and academic work were like forces of nature. He stayed with me in the 80s in Bulawayo where he was writing a novel and then again in Sydney several times before his mother died. I’m so glad he found love and parenthood in the last years and am thankful that you, Anna, have been so devoted and made him so happy, especially through Maddy and now Luke, and that his brothers rallied round at the end. As can be seen in his last book with its tragically prophetic title ‘The Setting Sun’, family meant everything to Bart. With great sadness and condolences, Tony Ronaldson.


  7. Dear Anna, so very sorry to hear this news. Although I didn’t get to meet you, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this sad time. with love and affection. Linda


  8. Dear Anna, I am so terribly sorry for you. Bart taught me as an undergraduate years ago, and was one of the few lecturers I have ever had that made an impression on me. My most sincere condolences, Yvonne xx


  9. Dear Anna, I am so sorry to hear this awful news. Please accept my condolences. Love to both you and your family. Alice (John and Ahmed’s neighbour)


  10. Dear Anna, I was sad to learn of Bart’s death just now via Dion in Paris. I knew of him more than I knew him, going back to our Dueham days, yet still I wish to offer you and the family my deepest condolences. Yours in sympathy, Mahasiddhi (aka Roy Peters)


  11. I’m so sorry and sad to hear about this.
    Anna, eventhough I hadn’t met you, my thoughts are with you.
    Congratulations for Luke’s birth, a handsome baby, I’m relieved that Bart has made it to meet him before leaving.
    Bon courage.


  12. Dear Anna
    We were extremely sorry to hear of Bart’s passing. He was a dear friend of both of us and we will miss him very much. It is comforting to know that in his last few years with you and Maddy he was so very happy and productive, and that he had the good fortune of seeing his son born.
    Although we never had the chance to meet you, i hope you will not mind my writing to you at greater length at some later point.
    Edna and Ruvik


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