Bart today

Bart continues to make great progress and today has been disconnected from the many support devices and pain relief that he has been hooked up to for much of this week. He is now able to walk around a bit. He is though feeling very low – the inevitable post-operation come down from an enormous cocktail of drugs, no doubt. And with much lower doses of pain killer he’s much more exposed to the pain now. He is also hating being on the (very noisy, busy) ward which, as many people have said, is actually a good sign. Bart should be home on Monday, where I hope he will finally be able to have some uninterrupted sleep. And no doubt he’ll be keen to have visitors soon.

Thanks again for all the very kind messages.


2 thoughts on “Bart today”

  1. Thanks for all the updates. You must be busy enough as it is. So I hope you are also getting some rest. I know how hard it is getting to hospital every day and managing a preschooler too. Thinking of you all. x


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