Bits and pieces

Dear all,

my good friend Jim Lander has reminded me  of the joyful news that the Director of Public Prosecution’s shameful attempt to prevent the victims of ‘Lord’ Janner’s alleged child abuse having their day in court has been overturned. Both her own chief legal advisor (whose advice the DPP ignored) and the independent adjudicator agree that a) there is ample evidence to charge Janner and b) that it is, indeed, in the public interest that the allegations be investigated in court, whether or not he has dementia.

I am sure that the efforts of many following this blog have played some small part in achieving this outcome. Well done us! Now we just have to get rid of this awful DPP, Alison Saunders, who has done so much to bring her office into such disrepute and public contempt 🙂 The Janner fiasco is simply the latest one she’s been responsible for…

One or two people have also asked about the result of the PEN prize. I din’t win 😦 There is  some consolation in the fact that that each of the four judges heavily backed a different book on the four-book shortlist. Thereafter, the result was achieved by aggregating second and third choices. Henry Marsh’s memoir of his career as a brain surgeon, Do No Harm came out on top. From the serialised extracts I  have read, there’s no shame in losing out to him!

Day one on the ‘biological therapies’ seems to have passed off without any noticeable downside, thought the side-effects apparently tend to become more apparent towards the end of the four-week cycle.

Hope to post the photographic blog later today



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