Further Brief Update

Dear all, I am in the middle of preparing a fairly meaty post about recent developments, particularly in the fun department. However, owing to current low energy (the result, I think, of too much of the said fun), I’m not sure when this will be ready. Later this week, I hope. So, for the moment, a  brief update on this morning’s meeting with the oncologist. For reasons which will be explained in the longer post, when it goes up, the oncologist was reassuring and fairly optimistic, within the usual constraints. I will be having further scans later this week to determine whether the spots on the lungs have grown since April 02. At a meeting next Monday 29th (the day of the prize ceremony I am supposed to be attending), we will discuss these scans and which, if any, of the ‘biological therapies’ I will be given to start things off. The oncologist appears to think I am recovering very well from the op and that my intrinsic state  of health is good. Hence much depends a) on what is disclosed by this week’s upcoming scans and b) how I respond to the ‘bts’ – which will not become clear for 3 months or so after I begin them. It’s possible they will not work on me; on the other hand, they might even shrink the lesions; or somewhere in-between ie stabilise the cancer at its present size for some time at least. So much depends on the individual case. Lots of xx Bart

4 thoughts on “Further Brief Update”

  1. Dear Bart, I continue reading your blog with great interest. Your strength in the face of adversity is remarkable. It’s great to hear that morale is high and that you are ‘having fun’ ! I keep my fingers crossed that fortune will grant you some respite. May your ‘blotted’ adversary find that it is no match and throw in the towel at last ! If you are around this summer it would be a pleasure to see you (I will be away one week from August 5, any other time would be fine !) All my (our) best wishes ! Phil D.


  2. Have the best time ever this weekend thinking of you all and sending love and light and birthday hugs for Maddy x Appreciate the up dates. X


  3. Fingers crossed for the best outcome on your scans, Bart! It is good to hear you have time and an appetite for fun! Hope you, Anna and Maddie enjoy your week.


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