Update on Bart

Bart is doing loads better today. In some ways the pain is worse because he’s much less drugged up than yesterday, but he is in good spirits and the (amazing) nursing staff tell me he’s made really good progress. He should be transferred from the high dependency unit to a normal ward very soon. Sitting up in a chair is next on the agenda, then walking, then home…

Thanks again for all the lovely messages,


5 thoughts on “Update on Bart”

  1. Oh Anna so happy to read that Bart is making good progress so soon. I’ve been sending some yoga oms each day. I’m certain that you are both receiving lots of positive vibes from family and friends, suck it in! Lots of love Ursula xx


  2. Hi Anna, I am not sure how to leave a message for Bart but could you tell him that Chris Ellerton is thinking of him and sends his very best regards. Is he taking visitors?


  3. Hi Anna

    We’re so pleased to hear that Bart is doing well after his operation. That is great news and a big relief all round.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Lindsay and I want to send flowers but am not sure where is the best place to send them to. If you could let us know, that would be great. Thanks.

    I wanted to say congratulations on your wedding. It’s wonderful news. We loved seeing the photos of the occasion. Maddy looked such a cutie too in her lovely little dress. Quite the flower girl.

    You’ve both have had such a hectic and emotional time of late. Bart is very lucky to have such loving support from you and I’m sure Maddy is great tonic for him too.

    Please give Bart our love and tell him that we are thinking of him.
    Love to yourself and Maddy too.


    Jen and Lins xx


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