Back Home

Dear all

just a brief message to let you know that I’m back home. I was discharged yesterday afternoon but there was so much to do once back here that Anna didn’t have time to update.

I’m greatly improving, both morale-wise and physically, as a result of getting out of hospital, which I found a nightmare despite the caring staff etc. Once I feel sufficiently rested, I will do a post about it though it will probably only be of interest to fellow-sufferers who may have to go through the same process one day. It will certainly not be for the faint-hearted as I will be trying to describe and account for some of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced in-between a few brighter spots.

Lots of love for now, Bart

6 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. Dear Bart,
    I can hardly start to tell you how happy your brief message has me, and I assume safely, all your readers! Please concentrate on getting better – all the rest is secondary!


  2. That’s great news. Rest, rest, rest and think about all you will do, write and enjoy in the months and years ahead (including–undoubtedly with some humor with the distance of time– the documenting of hospital horrors! )xxoo


  3. Welcome home Bart, you and the family will be happy to be reunited…..well done with getting through that unpleasant ordeal, every day will be easier. Sending love and light to you all xxx


  4. Dear Bart,

    A little free time this morning has allowed me to browse recent entries in your blog.
    I hesitated long and hard before answering on the blog instead of the more private email.

    What if I say the wrong thing ? What will people think ?

    Well, hello, friends of Bart, if you happen to read this.

    I checked out the entries about your operation, the wedding and the honeymoon. I skipped the bit about British politics (as you might expect..).

    I am struck by what a full and rewarding life you have. Many friends, a beautiful and loving wife and a charming young daughter. Writing projects… I swear to God, if you don’t pull through with this thing, I will howl and throw stones !

    My feeling is that you will pull through.

    The photos were beautiful – the comments were amusing. I could almost breathe the sea air looking at Bournemouth etc.. (who needs the Pyrenees ?)

    Reading about your friends and relations, I am reminded of the times spent in St Girons and the people I met at your place – always interesting and delightful. You seem to have a knack for attracting interesting people of different backgrounds and maintaining friendships over time.

    The fact that you have the energy and courage to write your blog, take beautiful photos, get married, keep up your relationships, keep on writing, this is all a very good and healthy sign !

    I hope you are feeling better, gradually improving.

    All my respects and encouragement to your wife and family.

    I look forward to seeing you back here and sharing an evening’s conversation over a glass of wine (or tea if you prefer).

    Take heart !

    Your friend, Phil (the lone mountain hermit)


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