A brief update

Dear all,

a very brief interim catch-up post.

I am now getting towards the end of the second full day of being back at home and my morale is rapidly improving. It’s been greatly boosted by seeing darling Maddy again (Anna and I decided to spare her hospital visits) and by the arrival today of my brother Ames from California whom it is too lovely for words to see again. Physically, too, I am on the mend. I haven’t had any pain-killers since yesterday morning and – apart from coughing, sneezing and even laughing, which can produce exquisite pain in the abdomen area – am fairly comfortable. Today Ames and I completed a 250-300 yard walk outside the flat and I aim to try to increase this day by day.

However, I still feel frail – too frail to do a proper post today, as I’d hoped. I have all the notes etc but just haven’t been able to gear myself up to describe my hospital experience. I think the inhibition is more mental than bodily – I have to say that I’ve found the psychological consequences of the operation much more challenging than the physical side of things.

I hope to do this post tomorrow and it will be followed by what is planned to be the final post for the time being – for reasons explained in earlier posts. This final post will shed further light on my steadily improving morale, so please hang on for it.

Lots of love to you all and, once again, thank for the huge love, support and concern you’ve shown me. I feel incredibly humbled by, and grateful for, all you amazing people who surround me.

xx Bart


2 thoughts on “A brief update”

  1. Great to hear that you are starting to feel a little better Bart, I look forward to seeing you soon. All the best. Gideon


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