Of the ‘Alkali’ diet

Dear friends, family and ‘followers,’

In case you’re concerned about my apparent silence, fear not!  a new post will go up shortly, which will explain it. But before I forget, I want to proselytize (will he never stop preaching?) about the ‘alkali’ diet, to which I’ve switched in the last month, to about an 85% extent (where I’m going to stop.) The theory is that cancer hates an alkali environment and finds it very difficult to establish itself in one or to continue reproducing.  We all mostly have an acid PH because of the food we eat, which includes lots of things we are all brought up to consider healthy.

Now, as we all know, when we are in perfect health, we know we’re never going to get cancer. That’s for the unfortunate 40% 🙂

However, I urge all you healthy folk to at least find out about a bit about alkali diets. I’ve found it remarkably  easy to switch and to find fully satisfactory substitutes for acid foods like wheat, pasta, ordinary bread, soy sauce, vinegar and milk products. You don’t have to be obsessive and never eat anything acid; apparently even a 60:40 % ratio is still very effective. You will probably find a find a book on the subject at your local health food / alternative shop or on Amazon etc. and / or from a clued up nutritionist. Even if you can’t face up to skipping your daily bacon butty, or slice of Black Forest gateau (he’s SO seventies!), you can do something very simple and effective. Take a shot of wheat-grass every day. The freshly-juiced form is prohibitively expensive but I’m taking a heaped tea-spoon of the dried stuff every morning mixed in a drink. It tastes pretty foul but you just knock it back. Wheat-grass is the most alkali food known to man….

Here’s something else. When I went for my pre-op assessment on Tuesday, I was measured in all sorts of ways, including my weight. To my astonishment, I have lost a stone (yes, 16 pounds) since I took my first tentative steps to rebalancing my PH. The flab has simply evaporated in the last month. Of course I’ve always had the body of an eighteen-year-old 🙂 Now it’s more like that of a sixteen-year-old. This could all be because the cancer is nibbling away merrily. However, my intuition (and it’s ‘only’ that) is that it’s being effectively starved and the weight loss is down to diet. Further, I am never hungry between meals, never snack, am never even tempted by the junkier stuff (muffin, biscuits etc) which I used to indulge in once a day as a treat.

So, dear healthy readers, please at least consider all this.

Back to the blog!

xx Bart

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