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Dear all:

I’ve just received this letter which I’d like to share in case anyone’s minded to help. I know – migrants, Nepal, Syria, climate change, poverty, child abuse – there are so many calls on our compassion – and cash. Nonetheless, the predicament of Gazans is unprecedented in modern history, ongoing for nearly seventy years now; and this fellow seems to want to do something really worthwhile

xx Bart


Dear Dr. Moore-Gilbert

I am a Canadian physician who has initiated an exciting project to Empower Gaza people to end blackouts in hospitals. EmpowerGAZA is a project to install solar panels on four hospitals in Gaza over the next year. To succeed, we need your help in raising $200,000 for each hospital by sharing and contributing to our indiegogo campaign.

The EmpowerGAZA  project was developed by my dear friend Dr Tarek Loubani and I.  Both of us have been working in Gaza in various projects over the last three years.  Power outages remain a daily reality in the Gaza strip, lasting more than 16 hours a day. Sick patients in hospitals are especially vulnerable, where insufficient power often decides between life or death.

After much consultation with health practitioners within Gaza, we determined that the best way we could support Gaza people right now, is to enable as much autonomy and self sustaining capacity as possible. The United Nations Development Programme signed on immediately, and on the ground logistics have been evaluated and rechecked for over two years of preparation going into the EmpowerGaza project. The EmpowerGAZA health project will save lives by installing solar panels on four major hospitals in Gaza. Solar energy will provide reliable and green energy 24 hours a day to emergency rooms, intensive care units, and operating theatres.

Any amount you can contribute will help. If you can’t help that way, please consider forwarding information of the campaign to people in your life. You are welcome to forward this email, or the message I wrote on Facebook. A fundraising goal of this size requires us to really spread the word and help in the ways we can.

With deep gratitude,
Dr. Benjamin Thomson

Nephrologist and General Internal Medicine Specialist

Western University, London Ontario

(226) 678-7067

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