A Farewell to Arms – – at least for the time being :-)

Dear friends, family and ‘followers,’

As you’ll have gathered from previous posts, various people with my best interests at heart have been urging me to give up any sort of political activity / agitation until I am fully well again, arguing that it wastes my rapidly-diminishing energy etc . One reason that I’ve been reluctant to do so until now is that I feel it’s been keeping me connected to the wider world beyond my own narrow little universe and concerns, where many people have far more difficult situations to grapple with than I do.

However, I’ve decided to follow this advice and am therefore abjuring any further commentary on the ills of the world after I make this one final appeal to you.

Let’s try to get the Establishment paedophile scandal sorted out once and for all. Please, therefore, for my sake – a sick old man with a beautiful three year-old-daughter, whom he may not be able to protect from the wicked world as long as he’d like – sign the petition (it’ll take you 1 minute) at


For useful further useful background on this case, see



If you want to go the extra mile

a) please post this petition on your Facebook pages and ask others to get involved (2 minutes work); these things can go viral in a very short space of time, and we could bring huge pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service to reverse their decision

b) please consider writing direct  (5-10 minutes work) to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, to put additional and focused pressure on her, as I have done, at


Amongst the matters I have raised with her, in the hope of making her change her mind on this crucial matter – and which you may wish to as well – are that to prosecute Janner will

1. ensure justice  / closure for the many alleged victims of quite appalling abuse (or a chance to refute their allegations)
2. prevent the widespread perception of yet another Establishment  paedophile cover-up
3. give the CPS a chance a chance to remedy the increasing disrepute it has fallen into in recent times (e.g. the Elveden phone-hacking fiasco)
4. even if he has dementia, about which there seems to be some controversy (see second link above), a trial will satisfy Lord Janner’s own keen sense of justice as expressed in the first link above.
I have also raised with Ms Saunders the issue of who decides what is in the ‘public interest’ in such matters (the reason she has cited as the basis for discontinuing proceedings against Janner). Given that there are currently 3 (at least) on-line petitions calling for him to be tried, it seems odd that her decision not to take proceedings (taken against the advice of her own senior legal advisor and the police) should count more than the perceptions of the 10,000 or so people who have already signed these petitions that it is, indeed, in the public interest. Let’s protect our children by making her change her mind…
That’s it, folks! No more Mr Angry! If you’d all just take 15 minutes from your busy lives to do the above, I’ll instead be Mr Grateful Ever After!
Hope my decision won’t make the posts which follow too bland….

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